Jonesing. Jonesing for Destruction.

Roller Derby skater portraits by Re Bastien PhotographyRoller Derby skater portraits by Re Bastien Photography

Favourite Bling: trucker hat

Why derby? I wanted to be part of a girl gang. I like the community aspect of derby & how off-skate team members are just as important as those on-skate in making practice, scrims, games & team development happen. I love that women are overwhelmingly at the forefront of derby as managers, coaches, decision makers & fans. I love the inclusiveness of derby & how there is space & celebration for all different body types, genders & sexuality. I love-love how team policy reflects that inclusiveness by not tolerating racism, sexism, sizeism, transphobia, ableism or homophobia.

Other life hats: Nurse, musician, cat mom

Favourite skate jam: Donna Summer – I Feel Love