Trish Trash will take your ass to the curb!

re bastien photography re bastien photography

Favourite Bling: Watches, sneakers and a good band T.  

Why derby: I was going through a tough time and needed something positive to focus my attention on. As soon as I joined Fresh Meat training I was hooked! A full contact, female empowering sport, filled with supportive and lovely people and a community that stretches worldwide… what’s not to love? For the first time, my passion, intensity and power was celebrated. And did I mention it’s full contact?!

Other life hats: I am an animal lover, metalhead, environmentalist, and a newly minted retail business owner. I love 4x4ing, camping, travelling, scuba diving, and going to concerts. 

Fave Skate Jam: Rocket Skates by Deftones