The Brick House Betties get you started on four wheels through our Intro to Roller Skating programs taught through Cumberland Rec Centre.  Through our beginner programs you learn basic skills such as falls, stopping with plow and T-stops, stance, transitions, cross-overs & more. Our Level 2 program is our foundation of advanced skating skills for skaters wishing to progress into Roller Derby and join the team.

The Brick House Betties are proud facilitators of the north island roller skate community, made of up referees, officials, a dance crew as well as roller derby players. Contact us on how you can be involved!


The Brick House Betties always welcome transfer skaters to join our team. You will be required to do a skill assessment to determine skill level, and references from your previous league.  The Brick House Betties practice September through June at the Cumberland Rec Centre, as well as do outdoor skating throughout the summer. Contact us with your skating experience and for practice details.