The Brick House Betties get you started on four wheels through our adult  Intro to Roller Skating programs taught through Cumberland Rec Centre.

Intro To Roller Skate (IRS) 1

Through our beginner program (IRS1), you learn basic skills such as falls, stopping with plow and T-stops, stance, transitions, cross-overs & more. Skaters are welcome to repeat level 1 as many times as they wish to build their skating skills foundation.

Intro To Roller Skate (IRS) 2

Our Advanced program (Intro to Roller Derby ) builds on skill and agility while introducing teamwork and roller derby benchmarking skills. (Please note - it is highly recommended you are able to confidently transition and perform complete stops to take level 2. When in doubt please contact our coaches or register for Level 1.) 

Class registration opens August 14, 2023, classes run from September to November. 

Cumberland Rec Centre
2665 Dunsmuir Ave,
Cumberland, BC V0R 1S0

*Safety gear, mouthguard, helmet and rollerskates are NOT provided. Please see Equipment Checklist.



  1. Helmet
  2. Wrist Guards
  3. Elbow & Kneepads
  4. Roller skates with indoor wheels and adjustable toe stops
  5. Mouthguard
  6. Waterbottle

You can shop for roller derby and roller skating specific gear online through our sponsor: 

Need to borrow gear to get started? The Brick House Betties have limited temporary 'loaner gear' for you to try. Once enrolled with the program, please contact us with your street shoe size. If we have them available, we’ll try to find temporary loaner skates & protective padding. Please note, this is first come-first-serve with limited sizes available. All skaters are expected to purchase their own gear. New skaters must bring their own mouth guard (available at sports stores such as Sportchek), helmet (hockey or bike is ok) & water bottle. Wear athletic clothing & bring a great attitude!

Roller Skating Level 1
10 week program
Registration opens August 14, 2023

Intro To Roller Derby
10 week program
Registration opens August 14, 2023