Intro To Roller Skating 

Registration opens AUGUST 14, 2023!
This 10-week program provides a comprehensive introduction to roller skating, including basic skills such as falls, stops and cross-overs and transitions and backwards skating. The focus is on learning how to skate safely while skating with others, while also introducing derby stance, endurance and other skating skills.

Intro To Roller Derby Level 2 

Registration opens AUGUST 14, 2023!
This 10-week program advances on skills such as cross-overs,  stops and backwards skating, including controlling edges, transitions and packwork. Level 2 is designed for skaters wanting to improve basic recreational skills and those looking to progress to Roller Derby. It is recommended skaters be able to transition and be able to do controlled stops such as plow and T stop for this class.


  1. Helmet
  2. Wrist Guards
  3. Elbow & Kneepads
  4. Roller skates with indoor wheels & adjustable toe stops recommended
  5. Mouthguard
  6. Water-bottle


Roller skates, (a bike helmet will do at first), knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a mouth guard. The Betties may have some gear available to lend; if needed, please contact in advance to discuss borrowing gear such as roller skates or knee/elbow pads or wrist guards. Limited skate sizes available, lending is booked in advance, first come first serve. Students must supply their own mouth guard and helmet. Fitness attire and bringing a water bottle is recommended as roller skating is an active sport.

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